Conditions such as cardiac, renal, and/or hepatic disease can significantly affect a patient’s anesthetic risk. Neonatal, geriatric, and obese patients also are at higher risk of experiencing potentially life-threatening complications when undergoing anesthesia.

Providing a specialized anesthesia technician service has a number of key benefits:

  • Peace of mind for veterinarians and staff wary of the risks of anesthesia for compromised pets;
  • Peace of mind for pet owners, improving their comfort level when commissioning procedures for their pets that require anesthesia;
  • Better outcomes for higher-risk pets;
  • Improved practice efficiency as veterinary staff members are freed up to do other things and the veterinarian can better focus on the procedure at hand;
  • Higher approval ratings as clients view the veterinary practice as offering a high standard of care.

Personalized patient monitoring is our specialty.

Now that you know about PEAK Veterinary Anesthesia Services, contact us today to discuss how we can best assist you!

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