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Veterinary Anesthesia Services

PEAK Veterinary Anesthesia Services provides expert-level, caring, outsourced veterinary Anesthesia Case Oversight, consulting, and training services to small animal practices in Colorado, Wisconsin, and beyond. We look forward to serving you!

Veterinary Anesthesia Services

Whether you would like individually-tailored case management by one of our anesthesia specialists, advanced training for your staff, or continuing education event, or would like guidance on an upcoming case or one currently under your care, PEAK is here to help.

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Anesthesia Case Oversight

For higher-risk patients or for pets whose owners are concerned about anesthesia, a PEAK Veterinary Anesthesia specialist can travel to your clinic and provide anesthesia care for that animal under the supervision of that patient’s veterinarian.

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Veterinary Anesthesia Consulting

For veterinary professionals who would like guidance on how to handle an upcoming anesthesia case or how to manage a case currently under their care, PEAK is happy to provide this guidance via email, phone, or text.
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Veterinary Anesthesia Training

We offer classes and workshops on a variety of anesthesia- and critical-care-related topics to help improve your knowledge and skill as a veterinary professional.

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Veterinary Cannabis Services

Our team of Veterinary Cannabis Counselors provides harm-reduction education to pet owners and veterinary professionals in how best to navigate the realm of veterinary cannabis therapy options.

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Information for Pet Owners

If you are interested in having a PEAK anesthesia specialist assist with your pet’s procedure, discuss it with your veterinarian and have him or her contact us for additional information.

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Other Services

We would love to help you improve your level of patient care in any way we can. Do you have an inquiry or service request that is not listed here? Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.