Veterinary Anesthesia Services Offered by PEAK

We are pleased to offer veterinary anesthesia services designed to enhance the standard of care provided in veterinary hospitals and provide peace of mind to veterinary professionals and pet owners alike.


PEAK Veterinary Anesthesia Services makes it possible to incorporate anesthesia technician specialty services into veterinary practices without the overhead of a full-time staff member. We provide the following services:

  • Expert-level, affordable, outsourced anesthesia case management services
  • Anesthesia training and coaching for veterinary practices that want to develop or enhance in-house anesthesia skills for their veterinarians and/or technical staff


PEAK VAS anesthesia case management

PEAK Veterinary Anesthesia Services provides specialized technician care for higher-risk pets undergoing procedures requiring anesthesia.

Anesthesia Case Management

Certain medical conditions can increase a patient’s anesthetic risk, and sometimes pets don’t undergo medical procedures necessary to ensure their long-term health and well-being because of that risk. For those higher-risk pets and/or for pets whose owners are concerned about anesthesia risks, a PEAK Veterinary Anesthesia technician  specialist can travel to the veterinary clinic and provide individualized anesthesia care for that animal under the supervision of that patient’s veterinarian. We utilize the drugs available at the facility but bring our own monitoring equipment. The anesthesia technician specialist will perform a pre-anesthesia evaluation, collaborate with the supervising veterinarian, design a plan tailored to that pet’s specific needs, and care for that pet from premedication through recovery.  A detailed anesthesia record will be provided for inclusion in the patient’s permanent medical record.


PEAK VAS advanced training photo

Anesthesia classes, workshops, and hands-on training enhance a veterinary team’s skills & knowledge.

Advanced Veterinary Anesthesia Training

Veterinary professionals will greatly benefit from
 the training modules offered by PEAK Veterinary Anesthesia Services. From classes and workshops 
on anesthesia drugs to monitoring to advanced case management for patients with concurrent disease, the training offered by PEAK will enhance and improve the level of anesthesia care veterinary facilities provide. Our training programs are customizable based on your organization’s specific needs.


Cat at the vet

Veterinary professionals can inquire about general anesthesia concepts for particular types of patients.

Case-Based Anesthesia Training

For veterinary professionals who would like general advice on how to handle a particular type of patient or procedure, PEAK Veterinary Anesthesia Services is happy to provide this type of guidance via phone or email.


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